Keep Michigan health insurance costs in line

We can’t depend on insurance alone to keep Michigan health insurance costs lower. Consumers can play an important role in keeping medical costs in line and some don’t cost a penny. Here are some helpful hints to keep your own health care costs lower.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet and regular exercise is a good way to prevent expensive health problems. One way to keep Michigan health insurance costs in line is to avoid having to use it.  Be sure to get recommended preventive care and screenings, like for prostate and breast cancer.  Keep stress to a minimum. Quit smoking if you do smoke and be sure keep consumption of alcohol in the moderate range.  These are all things you can do to make sure your health care costs don’t bankrupt you.

Plan ahead

Before you incur significant medical expense, do some planning. Have a discussion with your physician about any recommended procedures. Will you need anesthesiologists or a hospital stay? If so, you will want to know costs that you will incur.  Check for online cost estimators that can help you understand what the costs might be. Of course, this kind of estimate won’t be completely accurate, but will give you a good idea about what it costs.

Use only in-network providers

The reason Michigan health insurance companies want you to use their network providers is that they have negotiated lower cost contracts with them. It’s one way they manage costs, and those savings are, in turn, passed along to you. If you use one network providers, your costs will be lower. Be aware that some health insurance plans do not cover out of network benefits at all and the full cost will be yours to pay. Make sure you know what is involved before you choose a doctor and hospital.  You don’t want to be surprised by a huge bill.

Generic prescriptions are cheaper

Lower the cost of prescriptions by using generic drugs, if your doctor does not object. Talk to him or her about it.  Look for a Michigan health insurance company that offers a mail-in option –often those are lower cost, too.

Does the plan offer a HAS?

An HAS is a health savings account under which you contribute a certain amount of pre-tax money to pay for certain current and future medical costs. Think about choosing an Michigan health insurance plan that offers this option.

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